A Note from Our Founder:

Everyone at MuseAmi is passionate about music — about creating music, sharing music, learning music. The idea for MusicPal originated with me trying to help my own daughter when she was learning to play violin. She asked, “What do these notes sound like?” I thought it would be wonderful if she could answer her own question by simply snapping a photo of the musical page with a smartphone, and hear what she sees. This version of MusicPal is the first step.

MusicPal took several years to develop, as we had to teach it to read music. Like anyone learning to read, MusicPal can and will improve over time, and you can help. Any of the music-matching games that you play within MusicPal enable MusicPal to learn more thoroughly. Music performance and sharing is a group effort; we’re all part of a wonderful musical community, worldwide. We have big plans for MusicPal, and will be bringing in additional features over time. We welcome your participation and suggestions.


Bob Taub
CEO, MuseAmi