Bring sheet music to life.

Join the effort to make reading music easier for everyone.

Music literacy in the palm of your hand.

We have created breakthrough technology that can read and understand sheet music the same way people do. With your help, we can perfect it.

Snap a photo

Take a photo of sheet music and hear what you see, immediately. Play the whole page, loop a certain phrase, even isolate the bass or treble clef.

Play back

MusicPal learns the same way you do. Every photo you take helps train MusicPal to read music more accurately.

Play mini games

When MusicPal encounters musical symbols that it doesn't understand, it places those symbols into our tile matching games for you to identify.

The worldwide music community is working together — photo-by-photo, game-by-game — to improve MusicPal. Together we can provide a free app that reads sheet music with flawless precision.